A Thrown Stone Vol.5

November 9th, 2017

Yep, still working on a new full-length video. Dusted off the ol’ editing bay and put together this little snippet of stuff that was left on the cutting room floor. Thanks for watching!
Featuring (In order of appearance):
Justin Grzechowiak
Dave Green
Zach Pape
Nate Grzechowiak
Conner Drake
Chad Harrington
Tyler Stier
Joe Green
Pedro Alvarado
Dave Schram
Alex Furtado

Mountain View Click Here for YouTube version

Since starting the next full-length project Justin has been an absolute footage-creating machine. Rather than it sit on a hard-drive collecting dust I took some stuff that was already left on the cutting room floor and put together an edit of clips not going into Justin’s part in “a stone’s throw 2″. Keep an eye out for cameos by Dave Schram, Pedro Alvarado. Nate Grzechowiak and Tyler Stier. Enjoy and thanks for watching!
Filmed by Andrew Maholsic & Tyler Stier
Edited by Andrew Maholsic

Pelham Park

October 12th, 2015

Here is a little clip from an afternoon of fun at the Pelham park in Canada. Enjoy!

Little park clip

August 27th, 2015

a new obstacle popped up at the park so pedro, zach, joe, golonka and I went to check it out. guest appearance by the homie known as “zadok.”

If I had to pick the “Hardest Working” achievement for the video it would easily go to Alex. He came in when we were halfway done and still managed to not only film an entire part, but an incredible one at that. Dude is insanely talented and his commitment to this thing was nothing short of amazing, frequently making the drive over the border to spend the day filming. I saved his b- sides until last because there was so much to comb through to show what went into making the final product due to Alex’s workhorse mentality. Please enjoy this 20+ minute retrospective from Alex’s a stone’s throw video part and Thank You Alex for busting your ass on this.

At the risk of sounding like a total weirdo, I often feel very spoiled to be able to film Pedro. I get to film him do some trick that totally blows my mind and watch it back as many times as I want before I release it for the rest of the world to see. He’s easily one of the most gifted skateboarders I’ve had the pleasure to record and I couldn’t have been more stoked to have him close out “a stone’s throw” I put together this 20+ minute snippet of what went into creating that video part and the big hold up on getting this out is well…he’s been out with me piling footage for the next one. Keep your eyes peeled, you’ll see it soon, but for now enjoy his B-Sides from “a stone’s throw”!

A Thrown Stone Vol. 3

January 12th, 2015

YouTube Link

Winter is in full effect in Buffalo so I took the downtime to sit down and do some hard drive house cleaning. The result is the third installment of bonus footage not being used in “a stone’s throw 2″. Watch this and keep your fingers crossed for an early spring. Thanks and hope you enjoy!

Featuring: Alex Furtado, Andy Maholsic, Zach Pape, Pedro Alvarado, Dave Green, Dave Schram, Martin Tiedemann, Tyler Stier, Joe Green, and Justin Grzechowiak

Shot & Cut by Andrew Maholsic
Additional Filming by Jon Calvello

A Thrown Stone Vol.2

October 23rd, 2014

The second installment of bonus footage not being used in the full-length video. We’ve been out filming as much as we can before old man winter comes knocking at the door so be ready for some frequent updates and clips to appear very soon. Hope you enjoy!

Featuring: Pedro Alvarado, Dave Green, Alex Furtado, Andy Maholsic, Joe Green, Conner Drake, Justin Grzechowiak, Nick DiCara & Nate Grzechowiak

Shot & Cut by Andrew Maholsic

An Hour at Ashbridges Bay Park

October 14th, 2014

Before a recent filming trip to Toronto we decided to stop off and warm-up at the Ashbridges Bay Park. Usually I’m having too much fun to pull out the camera but with a small crew I got tuckered out quickly and decided to try and capture some park cruising with Pedro, Jon, and Dave.

One of my favorite styles on a skateboard, I couldn’t have been more psyched to have Zach be a part of the video. The unsung hero of the video, he was responsible for the graphic design as well a pitching in a great deal on filming. All this plus he managed to piece together a video part I have the pleasure of saying is one of my favorites. Here is a behind-the-scenes of Zach’s part as well as a guest appearance from your truly.